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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

I just read “Unlocked”, the tie-in novella to John Scalzi’s new book “Locked In” that’s coming out next month and I’m just going to say: DAMN I AM EXCITED THIS BOOK IS GOING TO BE GOOD!

I tried to make a vodka slime with triple sec instead

it is very sweet X_X


Here’s a video of the little rescue girl. As you can see she’s very dirty. Had to refill the syringe, at least she’s eating well! You can see how weak she is at the end of the video, she just falls over. But she is so adorable!

Poor spiky scrunchieball!


Not my cat! Sookie McChirpington belongs to my friend who BAKED ME A FOUR TIER CAKE IN HONOUR OF MY BIRTHDAY. 



Dis my cake OuO. My friend made it from jello!



Dis my cake OuO. My friend made it from jello!

Edict Zero - FIS - EDICT ZERO FIS - Prologue


Show: Edict Zero - FIS
Time Period:
Modern Day (2010 - Present)
Episode Title: Prologue
Episode Length: 7:22 min

(from the About page)
EDICT ZERO – FIS is a science fiction audio drama series created by Jack Kincaid and produced by Slipgate Nine Entertainment, a not-for-profit endeavor dedicated to the release of free speculative fiction media.

This is a strict modern audio drama, devoid of narrative. The story could be said to be a mix of many genres, including science fiction, law enforcement procedural, crime, suspense/mystery, and dark fantasy. Some have called it cyberpunk. Listeners have made comparisons to Bladerunner, The X Files, Fringe, Lexx, The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, Millenium, The Matrix, and a diversity of shows. Have a listen for yourself and make your own decision.

EDICT ZERO is a serial audio drama. Every episode follows the other in sequential order, so if you’re new to the series, we at Audio Drama Club suggest you go back and listen to the first episodes before the latest.

Each episode will run around an hour in length, and we are planning to showcase just the first season, which consists of nine episodes in total, not counting this “Prologue” posted here.

If you are intrigued by this preview, then please come check out the Audio Drama Club next Thursday at 11pm EST

Creative Commons License
Edict Zero - FIS by Slipgate Nine Entertainment is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Oh hey I hadn’t actually heard the prologue before.

Listen to Edict Zero it’s really good!


Aaaand I am out of Edict Zero episodes :O at least more are in production. Eventually. Maybe the next one will be out next year ;_;

but holy dang I am glad I was right about that LOCATION announced at the beginning of Quondam Heart part 2. I had an inkling that was the background context since we found out THE TWIST about Edict Zero :O

AAAGH I’m too invested *flumps*